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The College of Health and Human Sciences programs offer unique hands-on training, with many of our majors providing internship opportunities so students are prepared to start a career as soon as they graduate. Click here在线精品国产在线视频/日本一级刺激/琪琪在线线观看视频/青青草国产免费在线 to see the programs we offer.

Charlie Whitcomb Global

Experience Scholarship

CASA International Experience

在线精品国产在线视频/日本一级刺激/琪琪在线线观看视频/青青草国产免费在线This scholarship honors Charlie's legacy of providing all students opportunities to engage in experiences that will enable students to thrive in our increasingly global society.

The goal of CHHS' international experience is to introduce all of our students to international and intercultural perspectives in order to prepare them to live and work in an increasingly globalized world.

Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

在线精品国产在线视频/日本一级刺激/琪琪在线线观看视频/青青草国产免费在线The College of Health and Human Sciences values input from our students. Dean Mary Schutten or one of her associate deans meets regularly with the SAC to listen to student comments about their time on campus and to take suggestions on places to improve their experience.

The students involved in the SAC act as the liaisons between the department/school, the students, and the Dean's Office.

If you have questions, concerns, or issues that you would like to have addressed, contact your SAC representative.

CHHS Connections Newsletters

The CHHS newsletter includes information about the college, departments and school as well as features on student achievements. We are hoping to connect with our faculty, staff, students, alumni and donors as well as share news from all of these groups. Submit news items to health-human-sciences@zoecmusic.com for upcoming blog posts or newsletter editions.

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